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          Home > Products > Cattle Pig Sheep Slaughtering Line > Turn-hang Platform
          • Turn-hang Platform Manufacturers, Turn-hang Platform Factory, Supply Turn-hang Platform

          Turn-hang Platform

          Brand : Osaint

          Product origin : Jinan China

          Delivery time : 25 days

          Supply capacity : 80 Set

          poultry slaughter machine,poultry slaughter line.

          surface size:2000×800×1000mm(L×W×H),platform legs use hot galvanized round tube ∮159×5,platform surface use 25mm thickness square spacing plastic platetable, frame use stainless steel 80×40×4 and50×50×3 square tube,guardrail height:0.5-1 meter,adopt ∮30×1.5 202 stainless steel,cross space is 300-500mm

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