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          How to choose the good quality chicken feeding pan?

          How to choose the good quality chicken feeding pan?

          How to choose the good quality chicken feeding pan?

          Good chicken feeding pans have some special designs to get the best results from the feeding equipment. 

          First, the pans are generally based on engineering plastics, high strength, curved and not easily broken. 

          Secondly, the edge of the chicken feeding pan is designed with a conical embedded pan at the bottom to avoid waste of fodder. 

          The design from the edge of the pan to the center of the pan allows the fodder to be evenly distributed, avoiding the presence of feed in the center, the chickens can't eat, and the feed can't down. 

          Third, the detachable hat is installed on the chicken feeding pan, the installation is simple and easy to operate, and the depth of the fodder can be adjusted according to the change of the chick growth period. 

          Fourth, the design of the feed port prevents the chicken from crawling into the feeding pan and spraying the fodder, and also prevents the chicken from getting stuck in the feeding pan. This can further save fodder and reduce the wear of the feeding pan itself.

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