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          What consist of the chicken drinking system?

          What consist of the chicken drinking system?

          The automatic poultry feeder and drinker consists of regulators, water pipes, balance pipes, nipple drinkers, drinker cups, hanging systems, and other auxiliary devices (such as buckles for fixing balance pipes and water pipes). 

          The nipple drinkers adopts three-layer high-quality stainless steel seal design, 360° no dead angle, full-scale water leakage, very sensitive, small trigger force . 

          A chicken nipple drinker cup is placed under the nipple drinker to store the water drops that the chicken drops when drinking, to avoid water droplets from dripping on the floor of the poultry house, which is extremely detrimental to the growth and production performance of the flock.

          This whole set of feeding equipment can be used for poultry in different growing seasons, including broilers, breeders, laying hens, cocks, ducks, etc.

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